How to Use CCPayment API

Create your own checkout page with your design and integrate our APIs into your website as payment options and channels.
Following are the required steps:

Step 1: Create merchant profile and payment settings.

In order to use the CCPayment API, it is recommended that you first create your merchant profile and payment settings.
  • Upload your business/project/app logo, it will be displayed on the payment page.
  • Provide a name/title or the payment method to make sure that is clear to customers so they can access it
  • Choose acceptable tokens for your website's payment information.
  • Check the box to enable different types of email notification.
Click Save Settings to save the change.

Step 2: Integrate API KEY to your website to use CCPayment

You can find your API KEY on the Payment API page.
Upon creating your payment page on your website, your customer can make payments by scanning QR codes provided by CCPayment and displayed by merchants, as the example shown below:
CCPayment will notify merchants and users the status of payments.

CCPayment API Scenarios

Direct Merchant

Physical or online merchants who wish to sell their products and services via CCPayment.

Content Creator/Content Publisher

Use the CCPayment API to collect earning directly on your website, gain fans and earn from the content you create or publish on social media/your own website.