How to Use Address Book

The Address Book feature allows users to add and store any number of crypto addresses, making it easier and safer to send crypto to those crypto addresses you know and trust.

Here is a guide of adding address and using address in Cwallet address book

1. You can find the address book add button on the withdrawal (send) page when you want to send a transaction and click + New Address to add address to your address book as shown below:
Alternatively, you may also add an address directly by going to the Settings page and locating Address Book, click + New Address to add new address in your address book.
3. There are 3 ways of adding a address: Standard address, Universal address, Cwallet ID
  • Standard address: You need to specify the token, network, payment address and address label.
  • Universal address: Set up a specific network, payment address and address label. You may choose to send any token on that network.
  • Cwallet ID: Choose Cwallet users for internal transfers, you can just enter the recipient's Cwallet ID and address label, which allows you to choose any chain and any token for the transfer.
4. The Settings page provides access to all addresses and allows you to search for addresses based on token type, address type, network, and address label, and manage your address.
All the addresses are not editable and can be deleted only.
Great! When you select a token to make a transaction, your address book will display all the addresses that can be used. Easy and convenient!