How to Receive Tip and Aidrop on Twitter

How to receive a tip:

If someone tips you through on Twitter, you will receive the tip immediately and it will be credited to your Cwallet account which linked to your Twitter account.

How to receive an airdrop/draw:

If someone send an airdrop/draw on Twitter, you will need to Retweet this tweet to grab the airdrop/draw.
How to retweet: click the Retweet button.
If someone send an airdrop/draw with a keyword on Twitter as shown below, you will need to Quote this tweet with the keywords to grab the airdrop/draw.
How to Quote Tweet: Click the Retweet button and select Quote Tweet
Such as:

How to check my tip/airdrop/draw rewards

Step 1: Log in to Cwallet using your Twitter account, which you get the tip/airdrop/draw rewards.
Step2: Locate the Transaction on the menu bar, select the Social Platform Reward under the Category section. You can view all of your reward records here。