How to Avoid Crypto Scams

Cwallet strives to make exploring the new world of crypto fun, and safe. It enables you total control over your assets.
Cwallet strives to make exploring the new world of crypto fun, and safe. It enables you total control over your assets. There are sometimes scammers seeking to steal your crypto assets. In order to help with your assets safety, you have to be on guard in the crypto world.
Keeping your account safe is quite simple. Here's a quick guide to help you avoid scams!

1. Guard your login and payment password.

  • Never divulge your login and payment password to anyone, just as you would not divulge your login and payment information to a traditional bank account. Please be extremely careful if you receive a private message from someone you do not know asking for information about your wallet. It is typically a bot or a person who is trying to steal your assets and they will pretend to be a customer support representative with a highly similar icon and name.
  • It is absolutely prohibited for CWallet to ask for user account information and passwords. We will not contact you first. If you reach out to our official customer support, we may request your public wallet address, however, we will never request anything that could compromise your wallet.
If anyone asks you to send money to any address, they are also trying to scam you and should be ignored. Please report these users immediately.

Here is the admin accounts of Cwallet:

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If you are in need of assistance, you can reach out to our Live Chat Support Team:, or ask the admin through the official group.

2. Beware of fake bots and groups

Make sure to determine the authenticity of Cwallet bot, some scammers take advantage of similar usernames in order to trick users to send tokens. Cwallet bot has only one account, please check the official account below:

Cwallet bot at Telegram:

Cwallet bot: @cctip_bot
Cwallet Official Group link:
Cwallet News Channel:

Cwallet bot at Twitter:

Cwallet bot account: @cctip_com

Cwallet bot at Discord:

Cwallet bot: CC BOT #4880
Join Cwallet Server:
If you become aware of a group or individual impersonating an official group, or if a user impersonating an official administrator, please report them and inform us as soon as possible.