What Kind of Draw Methods are Supported

What is draw method

The draw method determines how the giveaway will open the winner list. Identifying a giveaway method suited to your event goals will enhance your project's promotion and development.

What kind of draw methods are supported

Cwallet supports 3 ways of drawing prize: timed draw, goal-triggered draw, instant draw.
Each draw method has the option of setting the start time and end time, as well as allowing the creator to end the giveaway in advance.
  • Timed Draw: The winners will be drawn automatically at the end time.
  • Goal-Triggered Draw: Winners will be drawn immediately once the goal is achieved or the default end time is met.
There are 6 goals to choose from:
  • Total participants reach a specific number
  • Twitter followers hit a specific number
  • Telegram group members reach a specific number
  • Twitch followers hit a specific number
  • TikTok followers hit a specific number
  • YouTube channel followers hit a specific number
  • Instant Draw: Participants draw the reward themselves immediately after completing the tasks.