Why Does My Group/Channel not Listed in Telegram Task

Why Does My Group/Channel not Listed in Telegram Task
When you are setting up Telegram tasks for the giveaway, you may find that your Telegram group/channel does not appear in the list of options.

1. Please ensure the following is done first

  1. 1.
    ✅ Both you and the bot are in the same group/channel as an administrator.
  2. 2.
    ✅ The admin permission of @cctip_bot or exclusive bot needs to enable the permission Invite Users via Link as below.
Admin settings on Telegram Group
3. ✅ As a member of the group/channel, you are not anonymous, and you have spoken.
4. ✅ If you use exclusive bot instead of @cctip_bot in the group, be sure to turn off Group Privacy on the @BotFather page:
To turn off Group Privacy, just direct message to @BotFather, send /mybots and select this exclusive bot
Next, click Bot Settings
Click Group Privacy
Click Turn off and it's Done.

2. Refresh the page of Telegram group list

Having confirmed that the above operations have been completed, now click the refresh button to reload the list.